What makes a successful marketing leader? In this interview series, Thomas Barta explores together with leading CMOs the secrets of marketing leadership, what works, and what doesn’t. He met Rashmy Chatterjee, IBM’s North American CMO, at the prestigious Marketing Academy Fellowship.

Thomas Barta: Rashmy, what is marketing’s reputation within IBM?

Rashmy Chatterjee: Thanks, Thomas. IBM has always been a transformative company, and marketing is highly valued as the function that leads in transformation. Today, we believe businesses are entering a cognitive era, and marketing is leading the work of repositioning the IBM brand across everything we do. In addition, marketing is recognized as the engine for customer acquisition and retention, lead creation and progression. And finally, marketing works with other teams to own the client experience and client engagement.

Barta: How do you serve both the needs of customers and the IBM C-suite?

Chatterjee: That’s an interesting question. Customer requirements in areas such as Cloud, Security, and Digital are growing rapidly. We have a huge portfolio, and different parts of the portfolio are relevant at different stages of our clients’ journey towards becoming cognitive businesses.

Internally, the focus of our North American leadership team is on growth. Are we getting new customers? Are we going into new spaces? Are existing customers buying more from us? Are we building belief and advocacy with our clients?

We focus our marketing on the overlap areas where both of us win—the client and IBM. We anchor on the client, their cohort, their journey to proficiency, what will define success for them, and how IBM can best help. It’s pretty much how you’ve described the Value Creation Zone in your 12 Powers book.

Barta: A recent study found that in many businesses, marketing is still misunderstood. How do you prove marketing’s worth within IBM?

Chatterjee: First of all, we hold ourselves accountable for the brand and as the external face of IBM, and have a brand health monitor tracks client belief, action and advocacy at a granular level. Second, we hold ourselves accountable for many elements of NPS (Net Promoter Score), especially as it relates to Digital. Finally, we constantly focus on improving the cost of a lead, and better results from every dollar spent.

Barta: Leading in such a dynamic environment like IBM’s must be challenging. How do you build your team’s confidence?

Chatterjee: To me, team leadership is about trust and empowerment. The people in my team are experts in their fields, passionate about winning, and constantly working on better outcomes. With that, I encourage them to challenge the status quo and take risks. I think that if you don’t take risks, your chances of success are much lower. I never want anybody in the team to hold back. We are all invested in the same goal, and I believe open dialogue and challenge fosters innovation and growth.

Barta: Sounds great—but how do you actually build that confidence?

Chatterjee: I believe the answer is that is we are well connected with each other. For example, we have a daily morning huddle, 7:45 to 8:00 a.m. Everyone participates. We rapidly go through anything we want to highlight and move on to the rest of the day. Occasionally, during peak periods, I have thought of cancelling the huddle, but invariably, the team wants it on. It takes away time spent on to-and-fro emails or calls and gets the team tightly aligned. Starting the day this way has made us more effective, and it also adds a bit of humor and perspective to the work day.

Barta: How do you keep the communication going in your team?

Chatterjee: I minimize conference calls! I find time spent informally is much more effective. If I have an idea, I pick up the phone and call. I think people find it easier to be honest when it’s not this official call. There are, of course, times that you have to share an update or review, and conference calls are good for that. But I make sure the calendar has a lot of time for informal discussions, for coffees, for walks … and my team does the same with their own teams as well.

Barta: What do you get wrong as a leader?

Chatterjee: I guess a lot, every day! In our team we have a very good level of trust and honesty. But what I sometimes get wrong is people’s aspirations. I sometimes assume that somebody’s aspiration is X, based on my own aspirations. Once, I was running the P&L of a business and I had the technical team reporting in to me. In one meeting, I said to our technical leader: “You would be a great candidate for general management in the future.” Of course, for me, general management is exciting. The person came to me later and said, “But I don’t want this. I love being a technical person. I want to be a fellow at IBM. I want to be a master inventor. I don’t want to go into general management.” This, for me, was a real eye opener. I’m always reminding myself to be careful not to assume that everybody has the same aspirations I have.

Barta: What is your leadership advice for the people reading this?

Chatterjee: Don’t be scared of conflict. Don’t take it personally. Sometimes when you’re driving towards a big goal, not everyone will agree with you—and that’s okay. Take the time to set a goal and set the vision. But after that, don’t get distracted by every skeptic. You have to listen. You have to understand. You have to address real problems if they arise. But don’t be scared of conflict. Because I’m Asian, and I’m Indian, and I’m a woman, I’m naturally uncomfortable with conflict, and that is the area I have had to work on the most. But if you set high goals and inspire your team, your team will come with you—and help you master the conflict on the way.




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It’s nearly summer at Marketing Academy HQ and it’s all-go on all our programmes. Here’s our little update of what we’ve been up to over the past few months.

Our 2017 Scholars unveiled
In May we unveiled the 2017 cohort for our flagship programme: the Scholarship. They’ve already kicked off their 9 months of learning with a five-day bootcamp at CIM Moor Hall, which you can read all about on our blog. You can meet all of the 2017 cohort here. And thank you to all who applied – it was as competitive a selection process as we’ve ever seen!

And 2018 nominations are open
And we’re pleased to announce that The Marketing Academy Scholarship Programme portal is open for nominations. Please nominate your exceptional talent here for the 2018 cohort.

Scholarship Showcase & Graduation
On the evening of May 9th, we gathered in the BFI Southbank for the annual Scholarship Showcase lecture, and graduation ceremony for the outgoing Scholarship Class of 2016. It was a fascinating lecture, followed by an emotional ceremony and capped off with a few drinks a hair’s breadth from the Thames.

Thanks to all who helped make the whole evening such a success – including our sponsors and all of you who joined us on the night!

You can see all the photos from the evening on our Facebook page.


   The Alumni Programme
Since re-launching the Alumni Programme, The Alumni Council has been busy organising a calendar for 2017. We’ve learned a lot from our monthly events so far and have loved hearing from people including Thomas Barta, Sarah Warby and Ian Priest of Grace Blue. Our focus is to deliver content unique to Alumni and creating space for new connections.

The Alumni programme is sponsored by The Mix, Royal Mail MarketReach and Lloyds Banking Group.

Inspire Breakfasts are back   
After the success of Inspire Live in April, the team have been busy getting back to planning our calendar of brilliant and inspiring breakfasts.

On July 6th we’ve got David Pearl and Chris Baréz-Brown running a masterclass on Creativity & Curiosity. Both of them are authors, innovators and passionate believers in the power of curiosity and how we can harness it to increase your creativity.

It’s set to be a fantastic session, and of course, all the money raised from tickets goes to the Foundation to fund future apprenticeships. You can book tickets here, but don’t hang around as they’re selling fast!

The Marketing Academy Foundation
In May, a new apprentice started in the marketing department of The Prince’s Trust, and a second joins in July into their digital marketing team – all funded by the brilliant fundraising over the past year! While they get stuck in there, we’re developing the training programme so that by the end of the year can be certified by the newly-formed Institute of Apprenticeships.

Meanwhile, we are working on a new programme for up to five Apprenticeships in the field of print-based direct marketing. There is a skills shortage here that we are hoping to work with key industry organisations to help begin to solve!

The Fellowship
Our Fellows are just coming to the end of their residential at the wonderful Stoke Place in Stoke Poges, packed full of learning… and a bit of homework time in the sun too!
And hot-off-the-press this morning, we are just about to accept applications for the next cohort for the Fellowship Programme.  If you would like to register your interest let us know by emailing felicity@themarketingacademy.org.uk!



Partner Spotlight: Brand Learning

Leading companies are recognising that winning customer experiences rely on winning employee experiences. Employee and customer agendas are converging, and with that a new role for HR. HR teams need to build new capabilities, inspired by marketing – to attract, retain and involve employees. Marketing teams need to support HR to ensure the brand experience is joined-up. Brand Learning’s latest study, The New HR Imperative: Leading for Growth, spoke to more than 250 business leaders and employees, including interviews with HR leaders of Unilever, GSK, Colgate, MetLife, Diageo, PepsiCo, EasyJet and Bupa.

Announcing our Summer Campus
Ok, we listened. After the successes of open bootcamps with Advertising Week Europe and Marketing Week Live earlier this year, we’re excited to launch our Summer Campus – an immersive two-day development residential programme for aspiring talent in Marketing, Media and Advertising.

Open to everyone, it’s most relevant for emerging leaders with between 5 and 15 years’ experience. The weekend will focus on the modules in each of The Marketing Academy’s 4 Ps:  Personal, People, Professional and Purpose and will be packed with inspirational and enlightening talks, masterclasses and workshops from CEOs, CMOs and subject matter experts.

It’s happening on 19th and 20th August, so keep those dates in your diary. Booking has now opened, so get your ticket here.

Congratulations to Marketing Academy Family Members…
(Fellow) Alejandro Pinillos promoted to CEO Bonafont of Danone Waters Mexico
(Fellow Alumni) Sally Abbott promoted to UK Managing Director Weetabix
(Fellow Alumni) Peter Markey becomes Marketing Director at TSB
(Fellow Alumni) Christian Woolfenden is now Managing Director of Photobox
(Fellow Alumni) Rufus Radcliffe has been promoted to the Board of ITV
(Scholar Alumni) Clara Biu is now Head of PR and Events at Just Eat
(Scholar Alumni) Jane Stiller has been promoted to Head of Loyalty & CRM at Marks & Spencers
(Scholar Alumni) Emily Harlock has been promoted to Head of Strategy Talent at AMV BBDO
(Scholar Alumni) Cheryl Rosenthal has been promoted to Senior Brand Communications Manager at Bupa

And some recommended reading…
Don’t forget to check out our news & blog page on the website.
Leadership: Plain and Simple by Steve Radcliffe, for more information pleaseclick here
Ian Priest in Marketing Weekon the migration of some agency talent to in-house.
The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Anchor, for more information please click here

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With anticipation and twenty-nine new scholars I arrived at the first Bootcamp. We had been given no information about the next five days so the only insight I had had been gathered over (many) drinks at the 2016 Scholar’s Showcase the previous week. ‘Amazing’ and ‘intense’ were recurring adjectives so, despite my ignorance of what was coming, my expectations were high. It now seems inevitable but they were not only met but well and truly exceeded.

On day one, Sherilyn – who at this stage was even more excited than us and now I understand why – formally introduced us to the four P’s, the lectures, mentors and coaches that would structure our development over the next nine months, along with what was in store for us in the coming days.

To accurately describe the five days that followed in a succinct way is an impossible task but here it goes! I was audience to some incredible talks from Stephen Miron (Group CEO Global), Stephen Greene (CEO Rockcorps), Sarah Warby (ex Marketing Director Sainsbury’s) and Shadi Halliwell (Creative & Marketing Director Harvey Nichols) to name just a few. We spent two days on a, genuinely life changing leadership course, The Living Leader and finished the week stood in a circle singing an African tribal song at the top of my lungs with zero inhibitions left.

Having had the first taste of the scholarship it’s now clear how much goes into it, how much I stand to gain and how fortunate I am to have this opportunity.  My eyes are open wider than ever before. I’m 100% consciously incompetent but comforted with the knowledge that I have the Marketing Academy team, mentors, coaches and 29 new friends to support me on my journey.

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In this groundbreaking book, René Carayol, leading business guru, top keynote speaker on Leadership and Culture, executive coach, shares the magic and simplicity of the SPIKE (Strengths Positively Identified Kick-start Excellence) philosophy. In the world of SPIKE, there are no losers anymore – everyone has something they are great at! The product of 30 years of supporting the growth and development of thousands of individuals and organizations globally, the book brings together a proven formula for personal and business development. The vital and essential ingredient of SPIKE is that everyone has at least one inherent strength. Finding those sometimes hidden strengths and energies, and then mobilizing them for your and other’s benefit, is the ultimate aim of this inspiring book.

For more information or to buy this book click here

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Most people want to be successful in life. And of course, everyone wants to be happy. When it comes to the pursuit of success and happiness, most people assume the same formula: if you work hard, you will become successful, and once you become successful, then you’ll be happy. The only problem is that a decade of cutting-edge research in the field of positive psychology has proven that this formula is backwards. Success does not beget happiness.

Based on the largest study ever conducted on happiness and human potential (a survey conducted by the author of more than 1,600 students), Harvard lecturer Shawn Achor shares seven core principles of positive psychology that each one of us can use to improve our performance, grow our careers, and gain a competitive edge at work. He reveals how happiness actually fuels success and performance, not the other way around. Why? Because when we are happier and more positive we are more engaged, creative, resilient to stress, and productive. The Happiness Advantage will appeal to anyone who wants practical advice on how to become happier and also more successful.

For more information and to buy the book click here

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Leadership isn’t complicated – keep it simple and make it count. This new edition of Steve Radcliffe’s uniquely powerful, successful and practical framework will show you how to develop faster as a more confident and capable leader.

About the Author

Steve Radcliffe is one of Europe’s most successful leadership coaches and the head of Steve Radcliffe Associates. Best known for his Future – Engage – Deliverleadership model, over the last 20 years he has worked with hundreds of chief executives, directors and their teams, in organisations as diverse as Unilever, First Direct, the National College of School Leadership and the UK’s Civil Service, where he contributes to the prestigious High Potential Development Scheme.

Steve grew up in Wigan, and studied at Oxford University. From there, he joined Procter and Gamble, later moving to the US to become the CEO of a division of the multinational business Tambrands. In 1991, he left to pursue a career as a leadership coach. High profile clients have included Sir Gus O’Donnell, Cabinet Secretary and head of the Civil Service; former Unilever chairman and now chairman of Reuters, Niall Fitzgerald; and Richard Baker, former CEO of Alliance Boots.

Steve now lives in Hampshire, where his main leadership challenge outside of work is learning to be the dad of three teenagers! His hobbies of tennis, landscape photography and supporting Wigan Athletic help keep him fit and sane.

For more information or to buy this book click here

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“A truly great Mentor is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget’’

 The Marketing Academy is a staunch advocate of the power of mentoring. So much so that mentoring has formed a core part of their coveted Scholarship Programme for the last 7 years. The 9 month development programme for emerging talent attracts hundreds of the industry’s highest profile CEO’s and CMO’s who each gift their time to mentor the Academys Scholars.

Every year the graduating class of 30 Scholars each selects just one person from all the inspirational leaders they meet across their Scholarship year to receive a ‘Mentor Award’, a small way of appreciating the individual who made an extra special impact. It’s one of the only industry awards that recognises leaders on a personal level.

Founder of The Marketing Academy Sherilyn Shackell said ‘We are so lucky to have some of the UK’s greatest marketers and leaders donate their time to advise, encourage and share experiences with our Scholars.  We created the Mentor Awards as a way to celebrate those extraordinary people who donate their valuable time to help develop the next generation of leaders’

The Marketing Academys graduating Scholars announced these special accolades during an event at the British Film Institute on 9th May at London’s Southbank.

The winners of The Marketing Academy Mentor Awards are…

Andy Duncan, CEO of Camelot

Ben Fennell, CEO of BBH

Camilla Harrisson, Partner & CEO of Anomaly London LLP

Catherine Flynn, Senior Leader of Facebook

Charles Allen, Marketing Director of Arsenal Football Club

Cilla Snowball, Group Chairman & CEO of AMV BBDO

Craig Inglis, Customer Director of John Lewis Plc

Ed Smith, Consultant with Dentsu Aegis

Fiona Dawson, President Mars Food, Drinks and Multisales from Mars UK

James Scroggs, Founder of HOOP London

Keith Moor, Chief Marketing Officer of Santander

Marc Lewis, Dean of School of Communication Arts

Mark Evans, Group Marketing Director of Direct Line Group

Michelle Hutton, Chief Executive of Edelman

Mike Hughes, former Director General of ISBA

Paul Frampton, CEO of Havas Media Group UK

Peter Markey, Marketing Director of TSB

Phil Rumbol, Founder of 101

Philippa Snare, CMO EMEA of Facebook

Richard Tyler, Chief Possibility Architect, BTFI Ltd

Rita Clifton, Chairman of Brandcap

Ros King, Director of Marketing Communications for Lloyds Banking Group Plc

Sally Cowdry, Consumer & Retail Director of Camelot UK

Sara Cremer, CEO of Redwood Group

Shadi Halliwell, Group Marketing & Creative Director of Harvey Nichols

Simon Biltcliffe, Managing Director of Webmart

Stephen Miron, Group CEO of Global Media Group

Suki Thompson, Founder of Oystercatchers

Tim Duffy, Chairman of M&C Saatchi

Toby Jenner, Worldwide COO of MediaCom Worldwide

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-  30 emerging marketing leaders have been selected for The Marketing Academy’s 2017 Scholarship Programme

- The free 9 month part time leadership programme for talented brand and agency marketers is entering its eighth year and is designed to prepare them for their journey to become senior industry leaders

- Headline sponsors Facebook, ITV,  Microsoft, and Marketing Week are joined this year by BT

After an intensely competitive selection process that included more than 350 nominees, 90 ‘pitches’, 60 face to face interviews and a selection panel of over 25 marketing and HR practitioners, The Marketing Academy has unveiled the 30 emerging leaders selected for the UK’s 8th Scholarship Programme.

This highly coveted free programme, sponsored in 2017 by Microsoft, ITV, Facebook and BT, is also supported by companies such as PHD, Google, Kantar Millward Brown, Eat Big Fish, Brand Learning and The Living Leader.

For their 2017 Scholarship The Marketing Academy has redefined the 4Ps of marketing creating 4 core learning modules. The Academy’s 4Ps are: Personal development – be an extraordinary human being; People development – be an inspirational leader; Professional development – be an exceptional marketer; and Purpose – be a change maker. Past Alumni of the programme describe it as ‘life changing’.

In addition to immersive ‘Boot Camps’ and Lectures the Scholars receive executive coaching and one-to-one mentoring sessions with the some of the biggest names in the industry. This year the line-up of 60 Mentors includes:

Keith Weed, CMO at Unilever, Tim Duffy, CEO at M & C Saatchi, Toby Jenner, Worldwide COO at Mediacom, Caroline Foster Kenny, CEO EMEA at IPG Mediabrands, Craig Inglis, Customer Director at John Lewis and Pete Duffy, Group Commercial Director at easyJet.

The 30 Scholars were revealed at The Marketing Academys annual Showcase event hosted at the British Film Institute on 9th May at London’s Southbank during which the Academy’s stella group of Mentors, Alumni, Fellows, Coaches and Sponsors also celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2016.

The Marketing Academy is proud to announce the 2017 Scholars are;

Adam Holmes Sliide Head of Brand Experience
Alex Kenny Fletchers Solicitors Marketing Director
Alice Ter Haar Deliveroo International Marketing Manager
Amber Kirby Boots UK Ltd Global Brand Director Skincare, Healthcare and Boots Brands
Andrew Brown Hasbro Brand Manager
Anna Covell AMV BBDO Board Account Director
Ben Donkor Microsoft Social Media Analyst
Brendan Dinen ITV Plc Marketing Manager
Caroline Gorrie Procter & Gamble Brand Manager Pampers, P&G Northern Europe
Charlotte Hamill Born Social Managing Director
Charlotte Langley L’Oréal UK & Ireland Senior Product Manager – Maybelline
Charlotte Nairne-Clark Aviva Senior Brand & Sponsorship Manager
Clare Beaumont-Adam Independents United (IU) Co-Owner
Emi Laughton-Knott BT Head of Acquisition Marketing
Georgina Altman VCCP Senior Strategic Planner
Hannah Debenham BTDT Global Strategic Curator
James Ashall Diageo PLC Director, Diageo Futures
Jessica Haigh Cedar Communications Business Director
Lottie Unwin Propercorn Head of Marketing
Louise Thompson Britvic Soft Drinks Ltd Strategic Marketing & Innovation Manager
Luke Gregory Facebook Digital Marketing Manager
Max Dickins Hoopla Business Founder
Nic Yeeles Peg Co Founder and CEO
Nick Miller Guardian Media Group Senior Marketing Manager
Ollie Humphreys Soundscape Founder & Managing Director
Sarah Walmsley British Airways Digital Content Manager
Seun Shobande McGarryBowen Account Director
Silke Wexoe Bow and Arrow Strategy Lead
Steve Marks adidas Director of Sports Marketing
Tash Walker The Mix Founder

To find out more information about The Marketing Academy and the new Scholars please http://www.themarketingacademy.org.uk/

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It’s midweek, and we’re reflecting on quite probably the busiest couple of months in Marketing Academy history, so fitting it into one digestible update for all your inboxes has been a little challenging.  Here’s your *ahem* brief update…

Inspire Live
Last Thursday saw the highlight of our learning events calendar, our annual conference, The Marketing Academy Inspire LIVE at Google… it was our biggest and best event yet, and it was great to see so many familiar faces! Even better, we raised over £25,000 for our apprenticeship programme!!! 

Throughout the day we focussed on the superpowers needed to be a great leader. We covered resilience, influencing, growth, networking, trust, storytelling, curiosity, listening, and how to actually discover your superpower. With an array of phenomenal speakers the atmosphere was buzzing and the energy throughout the day was inspiring. Thank you again to everyone who made the day possible!

In even better news, our Marketing Academy Inspire Events programme has got a host of further lectures and breakfasts coming up, including:

  • 18th May: How to manage relationships with Alexandra Lichtenfeld
  • 8th June: What’s your problem – defining the challenge with David Alberts
  • 6th July: Creativity and Curiosity – a masterclass – with David Pearl and Chris Barez-Brown
  • 27th July: Storytelling with Max Dickens
  • 23rd Nov: How to lead teams effectively with Anna Hickey

100% of money raised from the Inspire learning series is donated to support the The Marketing Academy’s Apprentice programme. The events are open to all and can be booked online here.


The Marketing Academy Foundation
Since separating our Apprenticeship Programme off as a separate charity at the end of 2016 we’ve been very busy! The first meeting of the trustees took place in March – comprising Daryl Fielding as the CEO, Emma Sapani and Lisa Goodchild (a former Scholar) and Sherilyn as a lifetime trustee and chair.

We have ambitions to scale the effort and widen the pool of young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds that get an opportunity to start a career in marketing, advertising or media.

Jake Elgar, our Apprentice at The Prince’s Trust, successfully completed his year and is now working at iprospect, a global digital marketing agency that is part of the Dentsu Aegis network.  We are super proud of Jake who is now also one of our Ambassadors!

After such a successful Inspire LIVE for fundraising – thank you Team Inspire – we’re delighted to say that another Apprenticeship can be funded! The Prince’s Trust are recruiting, so please click here and share with anyone who you think would benefit from this life changing opportunity. 

The Class of 2016
As the UK  2016 Scholarship comes to an end, the Scholars have begun organising their Showcase Lecture which is to be hosted at the BFI Southbank on Tuesday 9th May from 5.30pm.

It’s free, there’ll be drinks, the Mentor Awards and the Class of 2017 will be announced and welcomed to the Marketing Academy family. Book your ticket now.

News from Down Under
It’s been a packed few months for our Australian friends who had the tough job of selecting the 2017 Scholarship cohort – you can see who made it here.

They spent five inspirational days at their Bootcamp at the unique Q Station just outside Sydney with John Steedman ‘Steady’ Chairman at WPP Australia & NZ Media Services and Russel Howcroft, Chief Creative Officer at PWC and Robbert Rietbroek, CEO of Pepsi and many more.

Partner Spotlight – Google
Digital marketing budgets are on the up – but the skills behind that spend are flatlining, says the latest Talent Revolution report published by Google Digital Academy in partnership with Boston Consulting Group and industry bodies including the Marketing Academy.

The findings for a digital skills survey that included 5000+ marketers from 126 agencies and 141 advertisers across 41 countries reveal there’s been no improvement in advertiser digital skill levels at all over the last 18 months. Agencies shape up a little stronger in comparison, but there’s a clear disconnect between the skills required and those in play on both sides – particularly in high-impact channels such as mobile, video and testing. How do we take things forward as an industry? Google think advertiser-agency skills partnerships would be a move in the right direction. Read the full Talent Revolution write-up and get your capability checklist here.


Alumni Update
The Scholarship Alumni Council led by Kathryn Marriott kicked off their new programme in March. With representatives from each Alumni year they shared their purpose to build the community and invited everyone to get stuck in (over a few beers and glasses of prosecco!) We remembered what connects us all and the shared challenges that we all face. There was even a giant brainstorm about how we can all best shape the programme together.

We kicked off the programme of events with a Masterclass with Thomas Barta on Leadership last Saturday at Global Radio, and next up is a Breakfast Session with Ian Pries on 27th April at AMV BBDO.

Watch this space for more opportunities to get involved….

Marketing Week Live
Last month saw our third year at Marketing Week Live and we went bigger and better than we ever have done before, hosting our own main stage over both days!  With a packed crowd, our speakers brought to life inspirational stories, industry tricks and creative thought.  With presentations from the likes of Lloyds Banking Group, Lego, Google, British Gas and Facebook, delegates went away with notebooks full of top tips and trade secrets!

Advertising Week Europe

And just a week later we were at Advertising Week Europe for the first time! It was a-mazing! For the first time we brought our (in)famous Bootcamp programme to a public audience and it was a sell out! Our speakers were a mix of familiar Bootcamp faces with a few new ones too… Attendees were blown away by stories, insights and ‘from the heart’ confessions from the likes of Sarah Warby, Steven Overman (Kodak), James Brett (Plant for Peace) and JC Oliver (Unlockd).


Partner Spotlight – Brand Learning
Brand Learning, our long-standing partner, is launching new research into how to lift performance for growth. As better judgement, faster uptake of new learning programmes & smarter decision-making become even more important, line managers have to play a critical role. Last year’s Growth Drivers Study from Brand Learning in partnership with the Marketing Academy, found middle managers and leaders are often disenchanted, but are absolutely vital for driving performance change. How equipped do you feel as a manager to help your team learn? How well does your manager help you learn what you need to do your job? Please give just a couple of minutes of your time to complete this survey, and we’ll follow up on the results in a few months’ time!

Congratulations to Marketing Academy Family Members…
(Scholar) Claire Canty has been internally promoted to Head of Innovation with Weetabix
(Fellow Alumni) Keith Moor has been promoted to the Executive Board of Santander 

And some recommended reading…
Don’t forget to check out our news & blog page on the website. Also worth a read from the Marketing Academy family and beyond are Shut the Duck Up by Pete Cohen, Hack Yourself by Jack Lowman, Lateral Thinking: A Textbook of Creativity by Edward de Bono, Why the ‘millennial problem’ isn’t a problem at all by our very own Sherilyn Shackell, and this Marketing Week article starring Keith Moor – Fellow Alumni, looking at CMOs on boards by Thomas Hobbs.

And… that’s a wrap - thanks for reading!

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Are you plagued by constant negative dialogue running around in your head? Like the incessant quacking of a duck? In this powerful book, Bobby Cappuccio and Pete Cohen give you a host of great strategies and insights to help you to Shut The Duck Up! – for good!

In this inspirational book, Bobby Cappuccio and Pete Cohen encourage you to make big life changes in ten little minutes. Bobby and Pete have spent years collecting the 84 secrets of personal change that will amaze, inspire and motivate you. And in this ground-breaking book, they help you to Shut The Duck Up! and replace the old, negative dialogue in your head with inspirational stories.

Bobby Cappuccio and Pete Cohen are both television personalities, international speakers and trainers. They work with the world’s largest companies to facilitate remarkable changes in their businesses.

For more information or to but the book click here

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