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Donate 28

We are keen to ensure that the learning and insight shared by the experts and organisations within the Academy has a lasting impact upon not only our Scholars, but the wider community beyond. Our Donate28 initiative, a component part of the Scholarship programme, guarantees that The Marketing Academy and all involved within it will leave a legacy.

In return for the free Scholarship, we ask our Scholars one thing. They are required to contribute a minimum of one day of their personal time to Donate28 .

Through our partnerships with the Foundation of Social Improvement & the Media Trust the Scholar's are paired up and matched with a small charity or non-profit organisation. Throughout the year they share their knowledge and experience with their charity partner 'paying forward' some of the learning given by Mentors, Coaches and Faculty Partners.

Please see below the charities we are helping for 2016.

  • Academics Stand Against Poverty

    Academics Stand Against Poverty

    Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP) is an international association with 16 national chapters in the global north and south. ASAP seeks to identify important moral and social issues and focus academic attention and intelligence upon them. We draw on the independence and creativity of academics and students to question existing practices, and provide a platform for the community to address important social and moral questions.

    The UK chapter (ASAP UK) was formally launched in 2011 at an inaugural conference at Birmingham University, which was attended by a number of eminent academics. Our mission is to establish a dynamic network of academics and practitioners who are concerned about poverty and inequality and want to use robust evidence to improve policy decisions. ASAP UK also works to strengthen public discourse around poverty and increase government accountability in this area.  ASAP UK is a volunteer-based organisation working on UK-wide projects to highlight the underlying causes of poverty. We maintain a network of over 250 academics and development professionals who are committed to addressing poverty in all its forms. We harness the knowledge and experience of our members to deliver key projects. Since our inception, we have delivered a flagship project each year.


  • All Change

    All Change

    All Change works to develop and promote the role of the arts in society by bringing artists and communities together to develop original and innovative arts projects, which promote artistic excellence and affect positive change for individuals and communities.

    All Change values partnership working, collaboration and risk taking, creating opportunities for people to explore and articulate their ideas, try new things and exceed their expectations, in an environment that celebrates creative thinking, shared learning and artistic expression.

    All our projects are cross artform, led by exceptional artists from all disciplines. Projects result in high quality artistic outcomes, which are shared through events, exhibitions and publishing. Our projects reach people of all ages and backgrounds, especially those who would not usually have the opportunity to participate in the arts.


  • Coram


    Coram is one of the UK's first children’s charities. We were founded in 1739 by Captain Thomas Coram, a philanthropist who wanted to provide care for abandoned children left dying on London’s streets. Our pioneering work attracted some prestigious patrons including the artist William Hogarth and the composer George Frideric Handel.

    Today, we still rely on the support of generous donors and benefactors to continue our work helping the UK’s most vulnerable children by:
    •    Finding adoptive families who can provide the love, care and security they desperately need,
    •    Inspiring children to make positive, healthy choices by helping them to better understand the risks of drugs and alcohol,
    •    Upholding children’s rights and empowering children in care to make their voices heard,
    •    Providing practical skills and emotional support to vulnerable parents, so they can do their best for their children,
    •    Giving isolated young people the security of a roof over their head, and supporting them to take charge of their lives.


  • CVS St Albans

    CVS St Albans

    •    Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge: Teams of students generate income for charities and community groups.
    •    Connect St Albans: Connecting business expertise with community
    •    Equipment Hire: Small groups often can’t afford to buy office equipment or services. The CVS offers a solution for its members. Let us help you with your photocopying, collating, scanning, publications, presentations and mailings.
    •    Funding Advice: We offer a range of services to support groups with funding; for details on workshops and funding searches please visit our Funding Advice page.
    •    Governance: We provide information and support on charitable and legal issues, funding, transport, development plans and training needs.
    •    Publicity: We offer free publicity for members through weekly articles in the Review newspaper, social media and our website.
    •    Representation and Liasion: We raise awareness of the voluntary sector through representation on a range of cross agency partnerships. We aim to provide a two-way channel of communication to strengthen the profile and understanding of the sector.
    •    Volunteer Centre: An opportunity to advertise your volunteering opportunities to more than 1200 people looking to volunteer every year. Also for The 6 Point Promise (value volunteers).


  • Home Start Watford & Three Rivers

    Home Start Watford & Three Rivers

    Home-Start Watford & Three Rivers was established in 1993, following collaboration with the local Social Services Teams, the Watford CVS and our first Chair Betty Reed. Since then the scheme has grown year on year and currently has 7 members of staff and over  100 volunteers who support families, work in our charity shop and govern our scheme.

    The thriving Management Committee made up of Trustees and Advisors all of whom bring specialist skills and experience to support the scheme.This family support service for families in the Watford & Three Rivers area and Hertsmere in Hertfordshire  was set up to offer a service, free at the point of access that would be available to all and completely independent of statutory agencies.


  • Leap Confronting Conflict

    Leap Confronting Conflict

    Leap Confronting Conflict (Leap) is an award-winning national charity. We provide conflict management training and support for young people aged 15-25 and the adults who work with them. The young people we work with may be excluded from school, in prison, experiencing care or displaying destructive behaviour in their communities. We support them to understand the negative cycles of behaviour they are in and how to start make positive changes in their lives.

    Through our training, they learn the skills to understand and manage conflict, reduce violence in their communities and help lead our society. We also train adults who work with young people, undertake research which informs our practice and influences policy, and share our expertise with others.


  • Rape Crisis Surrey and Sussex (RCSAS)

    Rape Crisis Surrey and Sussex (RCSAS)

    Rape Crisis Surrey and Sussex (RCSAS) is run as a women-only (clients and staff) service in response to the feedback from our service users and because of the disproportionate nature of sexual violence as committed by men against women and girls. We believe sexual violence to be both a cause and a consequence of gender inequality and we are committed to an empowering feminist model of working. For male survivors we recommend contacting Survivors UK.

    All our dedicated frontline staff, including our therapists, are all highly qualified and have successfully completed our OCN accredited sexual violence training course. Our therapy and advocacy services are currently delivered from our centre, whilst our outreach and training departments work in the community with women from socially marginalised groups. Any woman or girl aged 13 or older who has experienced any form of sexual violence at any time in her life is welcome and encouraged to receive our support.


  • SEED Madagascar

    SEED Madagascar

    SEED Madagascar (Sustainable Environment, Education & Development in Madagascar) is an award-winning British registered charity (number 1079121) founded in 2000. Operating in the south-east of Madagascar, we manage a wide range of sustainable development and conservation projects within the town of Fort Dauphin, as well as with numerous rural communities across the Anosy region. Alongside this, we aim to raise global awareness of Madagascar’s unique needs and build constructive partnerships to aid development. We can proudly state that 92% of all donations go directly to support our charitable aims and we constantly work to ensure that our administrative costs are kept as low as possible. Based in London and Madagascar, our team works with local partners to provide support at every stage of the project process, from initial development through to funding, implementation and evaluation. Our integrated approach ensures that all of SEED Madagascar’s projects have the full support of a wide range of people dedicated to ensuring their success, with operational models ranging from community co-management to full independence.
    SEED Madagascar is dedicated to providing locally developed initiatives based on the expressed needs of our partner communities. Our approach is based on partnership, co-management and skill-sharing by individuals, communities and local organisations. The programmes that result from this approach will lead to lasting change, alleviating poverty and supporting environmental conservation for some of the world's most vulnerable people in threatened and irreplaceable environments.
    SEED Madagascar has been working in the Anosy region of South-East Madagascar for over 14 years. Our projects include school building, natural resource management, well provision, conservation, healthcare, sanitation and sustainable livelihoods development. We believe that by co-ordinating projects across all these areas at once we can make a greater impact overall. We work with communities to address their health and education needs, promote diverse livelihood strategies, and facilitate sustainable natural resource management. Rather than our projects being dreamed up in an office far from where they're implemented, all of our projects are suggested by Malagasy staff in Madagascar. In fact, we're constantly building capacity so that one day projects can be developed and run entirely by Malagasy staff.


  • Stepney City Farm

    Stepney City Farm

    Stepney City Farm in London’s East End is a working farm, rural arts centre and community meeting place. We give children and adults a chance to meet farm animals, learn how to grow food and try out arts and crafts.


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