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Donate 28

We are keen to ensure that the learning and insight shared by the experts and organisations within the Academy has a lasting impact upon not only our Scholars, but the wider community beyond. Our Donate28 initiative, a component part of the Scholarship programme, guarantees that The Marketing Academy and all involved within it will leave a legacy.

In return for the free Scholarship, we ask our Scholars one thing. They are required to contribute a minimum of one day of their personal time to Donate28 .

Through our partnerships with the Foundation of Social Improvement & the Media Trust the Scholar's are paired up and matched with a small charity or non-profit organisation. Throughout the year they share their knowledge and experience with their charity partner 'paying forward' some of the learning given by Mentors, Coaches and Faculty Partners.

Please see below the charities we are helping for 2016.

  • Community Media Association


    Community Media Association (CMA) believes that community media changes lives.  Community media empowers individuals and communities: it has the power to increase volunteering, education and employment opportunities; improve local accountability and democracy; break down inter-cultural and inter-generational barriers and improve community cohesion, safety and understanding.

    CMA exists to identify, facilitate and enable organisations, informal groups and individuals to deliver community media, and enable community media to flourish.  We offer sector leadership with key stakeholders and advocate and lobby on behalf of community media organisations, enabling them to face challenges in the future.  We affirm the Community Media Charter as the standard of best practice, enshrining the core values of community media, and inspire the community media sector to uphold its principles.

    CMA has recently undertaken a strategic review and will be launching their 2016-2020 strategy and business plan in September so would value working with a scholar to develop a communications plan for key stakeholders around this.   The charity would also value the skills and expertise of scholars to improve their marketing and communications activity more generally.

  • ecoACTIVE


    ecoACTIVE is an innovative environmental education charity with a reputation for using hands-on, practical approaches to explore complex issues of sustainability. EcoActive envisions a world where young people and communities are agents of change for creating a better planet. We design and deliver interactive workshops to empower people to take meaningful action on sustainability.

    We create eye-opening experiences for children and adults alike, running workshops in schools, projects in parks, community gardens, and projects with community groups and housing associations.EcoACTIVE are embarking on a project to develop a range of new environmental products for three sectors: schools, housing associations and environmental heritage organisations (e.g. parks). These sectors offer opportunities for growth, but they are not currently able to exploit these opportunities.  Although they have a good track record and product ideas in all three sectors, they need to test and develop new products that meet customers needs.  Support from the Marketing Academy scholars would be beneficial as the charity moves to launching new products and services in September 2016.

  • First Step


    First Step began in October 1988 in response to a plea from some parents of young children with special needs and/or disabilities. They felt they, and others in similar situations, could benefit from a group where they would be able to talk, share experiences, and provide support for each other in a non judgmental environment.

    Since that time, the charity has evolved to provide a range of sessions and services. First Step currently works with over 100  pre-school children, and their families, offering education services, support, information and encouragement.

    First Step’s mission is to provide the best possible environment to support each family and to enable their very young children with special needs and/or disabilities to maximise their individual potential.

  • HighGround


    HighGround is a charity started by Anna Baker Cresswell in 2013 which helps Service Leavers, Reservists and Veterans to find jobs, careers and vocational opportunities in the land-based sector. Outdoor stuff for outdoor people.

    We do this by providing advice and where needed ongoing support from our base in Westminster and we work with people of all ranks and ages from all 3 services, UK-wide.We are not a recruitment agency, and totally get that not everyone is ready to jump into a job. Our role is to help them work out what they really want to do, how their military skills and experience will map into the land-based sector (currently the average age of the UK’s rural workforce is 59!!), what training, qualifications and work experience they will need and how to get there.

    As a charity, we rely entirely on grant-making trusts and public donation to support and develop our work and our ambitions are curbed solely by the scale of our fundraising activity. Our vision is to become the leading organisation for the provision of land-based opportunities for all ex military personnel and Reservists in the UK.

    HighGround has a small Board of Trustees,  and a Development Board of subject matter experts who serve a 2 year term and help to guide the organisation as it develops its services.

    For more information about how to support HighGround and get involved, please contact Anna Baker Cresswell This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07951 495 272. www.highground-uk.org

  • Into Film


    Into Film is a cultural arts education charity which seeks to put film at the heart of children and young people's learning. Our UK-wide programme gives every child and young person aged 5-19 in the UK, the chance to experience film creatively and supports educators to achieve a wide range of effective learning outcomes in their use of film. Our offer includes a network of extra-curricular film clubs including access to over 3000 films within our library of DVDs, teaching and club resources, training opportunities and the annual national Into Film Festival; all completely free for state funded schools and colleges.

    Find out more about Into Film

  • OPEN Ealing


    We aim to promote arts and culture in the community through a diverse platform for creative engagement and enterprise and strive to make our arts programme cater for local need and be inclusive. Given our vision to enhance people’s lives and wellbeing by promoting integrated educational and artistic excellence, we look to offer Ealing residents a basis for personal development, learning and reduced barriers to employment within the creative industry.

  • Population Matters



    Population Matters is raising awareness of the cost to humanity and other species of unsustainable human numbers and consumption. We call for women's empowerment, particularly in education and employment, and for universal access to family planning services. We urge individuals to take into consideration the well-being of members of future generations when making lifestyle choices and we support environmental conservation because it is essential for the well-being of all species, including our own.


  • Richmond Citizens Advice Bureau


    Richmond Citizens Advice Bureau (RCABS) is a registered charity (no. 1085878) and limited company (no. 4140012). We are a member of the national Citizens Advice network and hold the Advice Quality Standard. RCABS provides information, advice and specialist casework to anyone who lives, works or studies in the borough of Richmond. Information and advice is available in person, by appointment, by phone and email. Our drop-in service is available at two main bureaux (Twickenham and Sheen), two smaller bureaux (Hampton and Barnes) and at three outreach locations in the borough.

    Our service is always free, confidential and impartial. We provide specialist advice and casework in welfare benefits and debt and a second tier specialist legal advice service, provided pro bono by solicitors or accredited specialist advisers. We have a long standing programme of financial capability activities that aim to help people better manage their money, have more confidence dealing with financial products and to avoid getting into debt. We also use our experience in providing advice to campaign for policy changes, both locally and nationally.


  • River Thames Boat Project


    River Thames Boat Project has a community boat moored at Kingston and travels on the River Thames offering cruises to elderly, disabled people of all ages, ex-servicement, children with cancer.  Its wheelchair accessible with lift and toilets.  Also offering eco-school on the river sessions for children and young people. We are expecting the delivery of a second boat early 2017,  we have a one room office in Richmond and the boat is in Kingston.

  • Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability


    The vision of the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability is that people with severe disability due to neurological impairment achieve their full life potential and enjoy the highest possible quality of life.
    We believe that all people have the right to achieve their full human potential and enjoy the optimum possible quality of life, whatever their level of ability.  Our mission is to help people with severe disability due to neurological impairment achieve this goal, wherever they are in the UK. 
    As a charity, we will direct every effort and apply all our resources to bring maximum benefit to those who have complex disability due to acquired brain injury, neurodegenerative disease, or other major central nervous system impairment – in particular those with severe cognitive impairment and high physical dependency.

  • Skills Route


    Skills Route helps young people to select the courses and institutions that are best matched to their interests, ambitions and academic ability. By bringing together a wealth of data, the website helps a learner to:

    •    Reflect on their academic performance, interests and goals
    •    Explore and learn about the courses and subjects that are available to them
    •    Identify the best location and institution at which to study
    •    Test different combinations of subjects and courses to find the best match for them

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Phone: 0208 099 4240

  • The Reconnect Project


    ReCONNECT is a youth awareness project that addresses the balance between online and offline life. It’s about promoting the safe and happy use of social media and gaming, so that people can enjoy the benefits while not missing out on all the other stuff. 

  • Tiny Tickers


    Tiny Tickers is a small charity with big ambitions. We’ve got a proud track record of helping improve the detection, care and treatment of babies with serious heart conditions, and we have exciting plans to do even more to help in the future.
    We exist to help babies with serious heart conditions – giving them a better start in life and the best possible chance for their future.

    We want to help drive improvements in survival rates and quality of life for these babies; and we want to help their families cope with what is a very difficult time.

    We want to increase early detection rates of cardiac defects – since we started our work in 1999 the national prenatal detection rates in the UK have doubled from 23% to 46%, but we want them to be much, much higher.
    We want every baby to be detected as soon as medically possible. For the majority, this means problems being spotted during pregnancy. We don’t want any newborns leaving hospital with an undetected condition that could have been spotted.

    We want every baby and their family to receive the same high quality, consistent and compassionate care wherever they are based in the UK. And we want their families to receive the best possible information and support.
    Everyone who works and volunteers for Tiny Tickers is dedicated to make this happen. Our passion for our cause is at the heart of everything we do.

  • Wac Arts


    Wac Arts is a centre of excellence for young people who need it most; a place where diverse talent, often from challenging backgrounds, can be safely nurtured through the highest quality arts education.We believe that the arts should be a right and not a privilege and that learning the arts can give young people invaluable tools for life; it can build confidence, improve self-esteem and help overcome great difficulties.

    We support young people from 5-25 through outstanding levels of arts training, with a focus on innovation and a drive for excellence. We believe every individual has a talent and it’s our job to help them find it and go on to achieve their potential in life.Wac Arts has been developing some of the UK’s leading diverse talent for 35 years: Courtney Pine, Miss Dynamite, Marianne Jean Baptiste and Sophie Okenedo are amongst our alumni, brilliant creatives who originally paid £1 a lesson to be taught by industry experts passionate about the power of the arts and giving opportunities to young talent who couldn’t otherwise afford it. There are countless more currently working both on and behind the screen, in front and back of stage, producing music, touring the country and pursuing wonderful careers in the arts; and many others who have built on skills developed at Wac Arts to build successful careers in other fields.

    Today, Wac Arts supports over 1000 young people each year, of whom 78% are BAME and 20% have special educational needs and disabilities. Our programmes are either free or very low cost to our students and are available through weekend and evening programmes, holiday and respite packages, an accredited full time Diploma course and our new free school which teaches an arts curriculum to young people aged 14-19 and is the first of its kind in the country. Quite simply, Wac Arts is the leading the way in producing the future generation of diverse talent in this country and in doing so empowering young people to change their world.

  • York Road Project



    York Road Project is a small charity working with those experiencing homelessness in Woking and the surrounding boroughs.  We provide an 11 bed direct access night shelter, a further 18 beds in four separate ‘move on’ properties, an outreach team and a day centre which is dedicated to providing skills training, advice and activities which boost self-esteem and confidence.

    We work with over 350 clients each year and are supported by our community including borough and county councils, local and national companies, faith based groups and many individuals. We are the only organisation working with homeless people in Woking and we are committed to supporting our clients to re-integrate back into society.



    01483 728739


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