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The Scholars In The Community

Donate 28

We are keen to ensure that the learning and insight shared by the experts and organisations within the Academy has a lasting impact upon not only our Scholars, but the wider community beyond. Our Donate28 initiative, a component part of the Scholarship programme, guarantees that The Marketing Academy and all involved within it will leave a legacy.

In return for the free Scholarship, we ask our Scholars one thing. They are required to contribute a minimum of one day of their personal time to Donate28 .

Through our partnerships with the Foundation of Social Improvement & the Media Trust the Scholar's are paired up and matched with a small charity or non-profit organisation. Throughout the year they share their knowledge and experience with their charity partner 'paying forward' some of the learning given by Mentors, Coaches and Faculty Partners.

Please see below the charities we are helping for 2016.

  • Academics Stand Against Poverty

    Academics Stand Against Poverty

    Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP) is an international association with 16 national chapters in the global north and south. ASAP seeks to identify important moral and social issues and focus academic attention and intelligence upon them. We draw on the independence and creativity of academics and students to question existing practices, and provide a platform for the community to address important social and moral questions.

    The UK chapter (ASAP UK) was formally launched in 2011 at an inaugural conference at Birmingham University, which was attended by a number of eminent academics. Our mission is to establish a dynamic network of academics and practitioners who are concerned about poverty and inequality and want to use robust evidence to improve policy decisions. ASAP UK also works to strengthen public discourse around poverty and increase government accountability in this area.  ASAP UK is a volunteer-based organisation working on UK-wide projects to highlight the underlying causes of poverty. We maintain a network of over 250 academics and development professionals who are committed to addressing poverty in all its forms. We harness the knowledge and experience of our members to deliver key projects. Since our inception, we have delivered a flagship project each year.


  • All Change

    All Change

    All Change works to develop and promote the role of the arts in society by bringing artists and communities together to develop original and innovative arts projects, which promote artistic excellence and affect positive change for individuals and communities.

    All Change values partnership working, collaboration and risk taking, creating opportunities for people to explore and articulate their ideas, try new things and exceed their expectations, in an environment that celebrates creative thinking, shared learning and artistic expression.

    All our projects are cross artform, led by exceptional artists from all disciplines. Projects result in high quality artistic outcomes, which are shared through events, exhibitions and publishing. Our projects reach people of all ages and backgrounds, especially those who would not usually have the opportunity to participate in the arts.


  • Coram


    Coram is one of the UK's first children’s charities. We were founded in 1739 by Captain Thomas Coram, a philanthropist who wanted to provide care for abandoned children left dying on London’s streets. Our pioneering work attracted some prestigious patrons including the artist William Hogarth and the composer George Frideric Handel.

    Today, we still rely on the support of generous donors and benefactors to continue our work helping the UK’s most vulnerable children by:
    •    Finding adoptive families who can provide the love, care and security they desperately need,
    •    Inspiring children to make positive, healthy choices by helping them to better understand the risks of drugs and alcohol,
    •    Upholding children’s rights and empowering children in care to make their voices heard,
    •    Providing practical skills and emotional support to vulnerable parents, so they can do their best for their children,
    •    Giving isolated young people the security of a roof over their head, and supporting them to take charge of their lives.


  • CVS St Albans

    CVS St Albans

    •    Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge: Teams of students generate income for charities and community groups.
    •    Connect St Albans: Connecting business expertise with community
    •    Equipment Hire: Small groups often can’t afford to buy office equipment or services. The CVS offers a solution for its members. Let us help you with your photocopying, collating, scanning, publications, presentations and mailings.
    •    Funding Advice: We offer a range of services to support groups with funding; for details on workshops and funding searches please visit our Funding Advice page.
    •    Governance: We provide information and support on charitable and legal issues, funding, transport, development plans and training needs.
    •    Publicity: We offer free publicity for members through weekly articles in the Review newspaper, social media and our website.
    •    Representation and Liasion: We raise awareness of the voluntary sector through representation on a range of cross agency partnerships. We aim to provide a two-way channel of communication to strengthen the profile and understanding of the sector.
    •    Volunteer Centre: An opportunity to advertise your volunteering opportunities to more than 1200 people looking to volunteer every year. Also for The 6 Point Promise (value volunteers).


  • Home Start Watford & Three Rivers

    Home Start Watford & Three Rivers

    Home-Start Watford & Three Rivers was established in 1993, following collaboration with the local Social Services Teams, the Watford CVS and our first Chair Betty Reed. Since then the scheme has grown year on year and currently has 7 members of staff and over  100 volunteers who support families, work in our charity shop and govern our scheme.

    The thriving Management Committee made up of Trustees and Advisors all of whom bring specialist skills and experience to support the scheme.This family support service for families in the Watford & Three Rivers area and Hertsmere in Hertfordshire  was set up to offer a service, free at the point of access that would be available to all and completely independent of statutory agencies.


  • Leap Confronting Conflict

    Leap Confronting Conflict

    Leap Confronting Conflict (Leap) is an award-winning national charity. We provide conflict management training and support for young people aged 15-25 and the adults who work with them. The young people we work with may be excluded from school, in prison, experiencing care or displaying destructive behaviour in their communities. We support them to understand the negative cycles of behaviour they are in and how to start make positive changes in their lives.

    Through our training, they learn the skills to understand and manage conflict, reduce violence in their communities and help lead our society. We also train adults who work with young people, undertake research which informs our practice and influences policy, and share our expertise with others.


  • Rape Crisis Surrey and Sussex (RCSAS)

    Rape Crisis Surrey and Sussex (RCSAS)

    Rape Crisis Surrey and Sussex (RCSAS) is run as a women-only (clients and staff) service in response to the feedback from our service users and because of the disproportionate nature of sexual violence as committed by men against women and girls. We believe sexual violence to be both a cause and a consequence of gender inequality and we are committed to an empowering feminist model of working. For male survivors we recommend contacting Survivors UK.

    All our dedicated frontline staff, including our therapists, are all highly qualified and have successfully completed our OCN accredited sexual violence training course. Our therapy and advocacy services are currently delivered from our centre, whilst our outreach and training departments work in the community with women from socially marginalised groups. Any woman or girl aged 13 or older who has experienced any form of sexual violence at any time in her life is welcome and encouraged to receive our support.


  • SEED Madagascar

    SEED Madagascar

    SEED Madagascar (Sustainable Environment, Education & Development in Madagascar) is an award-winning British registered charity (number 1079121) founded in 2000. Operating in the south-east of Madagascar, we manage a wide range of sustainable development and conservation projects within the town of Fort Dauphin, as well as with numerous rural communities across the Anosy region. Alongside this, we aim to raise global awareness of Madagascar’s unique needs and build constructive partnerships to aid development. We can proudly state that 92% of all donations go directly to support our charitable aims and we constantly work to ensure that our administrative costs are kept as low as possible. Based in London and Madagascar, our team works with local partners to provide support at every stage of the project process, from initial development through to funding, implementation and evaluation. Our integrated approach ensures that all of SEED Madagascar’s projects have the full support of a wide range of people dedicated to ensuring their success, with operational models ranging from community co-management to full independence.
    SEED Madagascar is dedicated to providing locally developed initiatives based on the expressed needs of our partner communities. Our approach is based on partnership, co-management and skill-sharing by individuals, communities and local organisations. The programmes that result from this approach will lead to lasting change, alleviating poverty and supporting environmental conservation for some of the world's most vulnerable people in threatened and irreplaceable environments.
    SEED Madagascar has been working in the Anosy region of South-East Madagascar for over 14 years. Our projects include school building, natural resource management, well provision, conservation, healthcare, sanitation and sustainable livelihoods development. We believe that by co-ordinating projects across all these areas at once we can make a greater impact overall. We work with communities to address their health and education needs, promote diverse livelihood strategies, and facilitate sustainable natural resource management. Rather than our projects being dreamed up in an office far from where they're implemented, all of our projects are suggested by Malagasy staff in Madagascar. In fact, we're constantly building capacity so that one day projects can be developed and run entirely by Malagasy staff.


  • Stepney City Farm

    Stepney City Farm

    Stepney City Farm in London’s East End is a working farm, rural arts centre and community meeting place. We give children and adults a chance to meet farm animals, learn how to grow food and try out arts and crafts.


See who we've helped before:

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  • The Sick Children’s Trust

    The Sick Children’s Trust The Sick Children's Trust was founded in 1982 by two paediatric specialists Dr Jon Pritchard and Professor James Malpas. They believed that having parents on hand during hospital treatment benefited a child's recovery. Rainbow House, our first Home from Home, opened its doors to families with children undergoing treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital in 1984. Today we have seven Homes from Home at major hospitals around the country, each providing clean comfortable accommodation for families with seriously ill children.

  • Children in Need India

    Children in Need India Child In Need India (CINI) works at the grassroots with local community groups and government bodies to bring about sustainable improvements in nutrition, health, education and protection. Programmes are implemented by local staff and volunteers, making full use of skills available locally and keeping costs low. CINI shares successful approaches it has developed with other organisations. It is widely recognised as a leading authority on mother and child nutrition and healthcare in India, and has provided training on related issues to staff from major charities such as UNICEF, CARE and CRY, as well as many smaller local NGOs.

  • Walk in Space – matched with Mark Paterson

    Walk in Space – matched with Mark Paterson Walk in Space is a youth-led project launched in October 2010 which aims to provide a ‘space’ for young people in the Crofton Park Ward to engage and interact with each other and their community, and to take part in a range of Positive Activities including sports and creative workshops. Activities will vary from session to session decided by young people, with recent activities including T shirt design, music and film making, dance, drama and pizza making. Our key aim is to make this a sustainable youth-led project, that is run and organised by young people and involves a range of youth-focussed organisations within the local community.
  • Uganda Development

    Uganda Development Uganda Development Services provides information and skills training for rural families in Uganda. Working in Kamuli district, UDS empowers people, young and old, to escape poverty. We provide access to a world of information through our Development Centre in Kamuli which houses a library, study area, internet café and computer training suite.  We also train communities to improve their livelihoods through improved agricultural techniques, water harvesting and smokeless ovens. 

  • Tommys

    Tommys At Tommy’s we believe every pregnancy should have a happy ending. We want to give every baby the best chance of being born healthy, so we work to fund medical research into the causes of premature birth, stillbirth and miscarriage, and provide a free information service that educates all parents-to-be about health in pregnancy.

    Our information service is informed by our medical research and includes a telephone midwife service, a comprehensive website and free books and leaflets promoting health in pregnancy.

    By 2030 we want to halve the number of babies who die during pregnancy or birth.  www.tommys.org  

  • Tiny Tickers

    Tiny Tickers Tiny Tickers is concerned with improving the care of babies with congenital heart disease, before birth. We are an independent, national charity, based in the UK. Our Trustees are concerned parents, supported by medical experts in the UK and Europe. Tiny Tickers is working to improve the way that congenital heart disease is detected, diagnosed and managed. We are also working to improve our understanding of the prenatal blood circulation and how heart disease can affect developing babies. Our Goals are that women should be offered the opportunity to have their baby screened for heart problems during pregnancy, this screening examination should detect most forms of congenital heart disease. There should be sufficient resources and trained specialists to care for babies with heart conditions and support families. If these goals are met, more babies with heart conditions would have a prenatal diagnosis, allowing families and doctors to be involved at an earlier stage and give these babies the chance of a better start in life.

  • The Soldiers Charity

    The Soldiers Charity We are The Soldiers’ Charity. We give lifetime support to serving and retired soldiers and their families. They risk so much for us, but for them, it’s just doing their job. In return, we provide financial assistance when they are in real need. That’s what we’ve been here to offer for 66 years. We have seen a 30% rise over the past two years in applications from soldiers who have taken part in previous and current conflicts and we currently raise £7 million a year to meet this need. As a result of Current Operations it is anticipated that the requests for assistance will rise significantly in the coming years. It is the aim of The Soldiers’ Charity to increase fundraising to £14 million a year by 2015 to be sure that we can help each and every soldier that needs our help.

  • The Great Football Giveaway

    The Great Football Giveaway Put simply, we buy footballs with donations from you, our supporters, and give them direct to children living in poor rural areas of Africa. In the last few years our volunteers have hand delivered over 15,000 footballs and netballs direct to kids in some of the poorest rural areas of Malawi, Uganda, Angola, Zambia and Rwanda. Over time, with the support of football fans and players, we want to go to more countries across Africa and Asia suffering poverty, more refugee camps, and where appropriate more areas of civil conflict - wherever kids are denied the chance to kick a ball about and enjoy their childhood, we'll go.

  • The Grassland Trust

    The Grassland Trust The Grasslands Trust was established in 2002 to address the crisis facing the UK’s wildlife rich grasslands, which have suffered devastating losses in the last 70 years. Victims of intensive agriculture, high demand for development and neglect and mismanagement, this amazing habitat is home to a vast array of plants, animals and insects, and is an integral part of our native landscape. From Ox-eye daisies on an inner city roundabout, to a broad expanse of haymeadow on a rural farm, grasslands are an integral part of our daily lives – did you know, for example, that one in every three mouthfuls of food you eat is dependent on pollination by bumblebees and insects, creatures which rely on wildlife grasslands for their continued survival? Our mission is to halt and reverse the current decline, and to reinstate grasslands as a significant part of our natural heritage for the benefit of people and wildlife – we do this by: carrying out practical conservation, including saving threatened sites; campaigning for better protection for grasslands; researching the losses and building the bigger picture; and delivering community grassland projects which help local people connect with their natural heritage.

  • Tech Maids (Project TMS)

    Tech Maids (Project TMS) Welcome to TechMaidsTM, established in 2011, we are a dynamic professional team providing quality IT Computer technical support and repair services for women in Business. TMS is a hub for making I.T accessible to women wanting to expand and grow their business. Our aim for setting up is that we recognise that business has a strong emphasis on community and the power of connections through Enterprise. We share common goal that allows for success in business by breaking down barriers faced  by women using computers. Ultimately we are looking to build confidence and inspire women to achieve more through the use of  I.T. TechMaids is an the ideal  platform for women to utilise and become successful at whatever venture they choose without being limited by the challenges faced in growing their business. We create rapour by relationship building in the Women Business Community to understand your business a lot better, whilst making it easier for us to present solutions for you and for you to understand what TechMaids are about. We are looking to connect with you, share knowledge with you, support you with easy to follow practical tips and best practise guidelines.
  • Solidarity Sports

    Solidarity Sports Solidarity Sports was borne from the desire to provide affordable sports provision and health initiatives in deprived areas of London for marginalised communities that would ordinarily be unable to access and benefit from such opportunities. The management committee came together through a shared understanding that children bond, learn and integrate through playing sports. This principal is fundamental in inspiring everything we do as a charity. Solidarity Sports is run by a group of committed volunteers who are passionate about making a positive difference in young people's lives. We believe that physical fitness is just one of the many benefits that sports can provide a child. Our goal is to give children enjoyment through sport and teach them valuable life skills that will aid them in any life path they may choose; enhancing their health, self-confidence, people skills and ability to work as a team. By empowering children through sport, we promote social cohesion, sportsmanship and healthy lifestyles. With participant led, innovative training methods, children develop mutual respect, collective thinking and have fun. Our healthy eating initiatives are aimed at encouraging young people to think about what they eat. We educate children about the importance of having a balanced diet and aim to instil a passion for good, wholesome healthy food as well as a passion for life.

  • Furtherfield

    Furtherfield Furtherfield was founded by artists Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett in 1997 and sustained by the work of its community as the Internet took shape as a new public space for internationally connected cultural production. Furtherfield is now a dynamic, creative and social nerve centre where upwards of 26,000 contributors worldwide have built a visionary culture around co-creation – swapping and sharing code, music, images, video and ideas. A Not-for-Profit Private Limited Company since 2009, Furtherfield has received regular funding from Arts Council England since 2005 which supports artistic programmes with a local, national and international reach as well as innovative outreach projects and the development of new forms of infrastructure and digitally enabled participation and engagement in the arts.

  • RAMFEL (Refugee & Migrant Forum of East London) – matched with Selina Sykes

    RAMFEL (Refugee & Migrant Forum of East London) – matched with Selina Sykes RAMFEL is the Refugee and Migrant Forum of East London. Originally established in 1992 as Redbridge Refugee Forum, in 2007 we changed our name to better reflect our work across London, and also to develop new services for migrants. We are a not for profit organisation working towards eliminating discrimination and disadvantage. RAMFEL would like to see a society rid of discrimination and disadvantage, and with a positive attitude to the inclusion of asylum seekers, migrants, refugees and BAME (Black Asian Minority Ethnic) individuals and communities. To provide high quality and effective advice, support and advocacy services to asylum seekers, migrants , refugees and BAME communities to enable them to make a positive contribution to their local community.

  • Platform 51 – matched with Alina Eagle

    Platform 51 – matched with Alina Eagle Platform 51 is the operating name of YWCA. Platform 51 wants a world where women are in control of their own lives. Girls and women are at the heart of all we do. Our activities, services and campaigns are about things women need and want. We give them a platform to have their say and challenge discrimination.

  • Our Sansar

    Our Sansar 'Our Sansar is a UK-based non-governmental organisation working to provide education, healthcare, shelter and other amenities to the most disadvantaged people in the world’s poorest countries for whom little or no help is forthcoming. At the moment we are working on two major interlinked projects in Nepal: schools and teacher-training programme and opening a children's home for street children in Chitwan. For more information about the organisation, projects, events or ways to get involved please see our website www.oursansar.org or contact Julia on 01273 773976 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. '
  • One2Go – matched with Phil Mitchelson

    One2Go – matched with Phil Mitchelson One2Go is the latest instalment in the 2Go series. Since 2007 Sporting Bunnies have been celebrating the countdown to the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games by organising annual sporting events and training projects, utilising existing and new ODA funded facilities, to aid with the creation of the Olympic sporting legacy in East London. When London successfully bid for the Olympic Games, they wanted it to be remembered, not only as a summer of fantastic sport, but as the catalyst for long-term benefits across the UK providing for healthy lifestyles after the Games and increased sports participation. By locating the majority of our events in Hackney Marsh and the newly opened Hub - just across from the Olympic Park, we aim to establish our sporting programme and play a part in the Legacy. We interpret sports participation in its widest sense and are committed to ensuring that old and young, fit and unfit, and those limited by ill health or disability have opportunities to participate in a wide range of events, as well as providing opportunities for intergenerational participation which will encourage young people and their parents and grandparents to discover how much fun sport can be!

  • One 25 Ltd

    One 25 Ltd One25 reaches out to women trapped in street sex work, supporting them to break free and build new lives away from violence, poverty and addiction. Night Outreach. The women often make first contact with One25 through meeting us during outreach. Our van goes out 5 nights per week and provides nutritious food, hot drinks and a chance to talk and get advice in a safe space. Drop In. There are often opportunities for more in-depth conversation and practical support at our drop-in centre. The women can speak to a caseworker without appointment and gain expert advice and help from visiting professionals including doctors, addiction workers, basic skills tutors, etc. We are open 4 afternoons and 1 morning per week and provide a women-only space where they can eat a hot lunch, learn a new skill, take part in therapeutic sessions or chat to staff or visitors. Casework. We offer one-to-one casework, supporting each woman in taking steps to improve her quality of life and acting as personal advocate when necessary. Often their lives have been filled with exploitation and coercion and it’s important to see them taking responsibility and making changes for themselves. Our caseworkers help the women establish themselves in the basic aspects of life such as accommodation, health, benefits, family support, education and so on. Naomi House. A unique mother and baby home offering intensive support to women who want to break free from addiction and sex-work and give their babies a better start in life.

  • My Life, My Choice

    My Life, My Choice My Life My Choice is an award winning self-advocacy charity run by and for people with learning disabilities in Oxfordshire. We speak up for our rights and empower people with confidence to have fulfilling lives, through many innovative projects. My Life My Choice has its own training team, Champions team who speak up, lobby and campaign, 7 local groups across Oxfordshire, a nightclub called Stingray Club, travel buddy scheme supporting people travel independently and a community cafe.

  • The Little Princess Trust


    The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs to children suffering hair loss due to cancer treatment.

    They supply and fully fund the best wigs available from all over the world, especially designed for children.  They also provide personal fitting and styling to ensure the wig is as close as possible to the original hair.

    For any parent, discovering your child has a serious illness like cancer or leukaemia is devastating. The trauma for both parent and child can be increased by worrying about the side effects of the treatment, particularly hair loss.


  • Headway Devon

    Headway Devon Headway Devon is a local charity dedicated to improving life after brain injury. Brain injury has many causes but some of the most common are head injury, stroke, brain tumour, and illnesses, such as meningitis. The effects of brain injury are far-reaching, but can include physical disabilities, thinking and learning difficulties, and changes in behaviour and personality.

    Headway Devon exists to ensure that when someone’s life is turned upside down by brain injury they get the help and support they deserve. We support adults and children with brain injuries to come to terms with what has happened and overcome their disabilities, as well as providing support and advice to their families and carers.

    If you would like to find out more about what we do, please visit our website at www.headwaydevon.org.uk, call us on 01392 211822 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

  • FSI (Foundation of Social Improvement)

     theFSI-circleEveryday small charitable organisations support individuals, families and communities and positively touch the lives of millions. On a daily basis thousands of these organisations struggle to keep their doors open and reach everyone that needs their help. In April 2007, philanthropist Emma Harrison, made the decision to start a charity that would allow her donations, and those of others, to give small charities the strategic support they need to stay open and be there for everyone who needed their help. Instead of criticising small charities, it was a vision of strengthening them. This vision has become The FSI’s mission. http://www.thefsi.org
  • Friend of Edusport

    Friend of Edusport Unlocking the potential of young people through education and sport. We provide education and resources for young people, teachers and volunteers to achieve their potential in education. Empowering Communties to advocate for female empowerment towards more equal, active and equitable societies. Dare 2 Dream is a platform for youth reaching potential through sponsorship, small loans and grant initiatives. Our objectives are to support high quality teaching learning and practice, support community schools with resources and professional development, to involve and empower young people with development opportunities, to advocate for girl empowerment towards more equal, equitable and active societies, promote the use of sport as a development tool and to advocate importance of education in pathway to creating responsible citizens.

  • Dreams Come True

    Dreams Come True “Dreams Come True is a UK wide charity with a mission to bring joy to terminally and seriously ill children and young people by making their treasured dreams come true. Over the last twenty two years, with the help of our generous donors and supporters, we have done that for more than five thousand children as well as their friends, families and carers.

    Our children’s dreams are many and varied: playing in the garden with brothers and sisters for which a specialised trike, wheel chair or other equipment is necessary; a special family holiday; meeting favourite Disney characters either in Florida or Paris; meeting an idolised celebrity; having a book published; experiencing zero gravity; swimming with dolphins; going dog sledding in the snow. The list is endless, and each one brings joy to the child and their family.

    But we also know that the power of a dream goes way beyond that. A dream fulfilled creates enduring memories and an experience that can empower families with new hope and strength to deal with the ongoing day-to-day struggles of illness, gruelling hospital treatments and sometimes sad loss. For those children nearing the end of life, the anticipation and planning for a dream can bring new meaning to that life and give families the comfort of a shared journey and a sense of having done their very best for their child. It is a legacy of hope, empowerment and wellbeing that is poignantly expressed in the many hundreds of testimonies that we receive from dream children and their families.”

  • Cool Tan Arts

    Cool Tan Arts CoolTan Arts believes that well-being is enhanced by the power of creativity. It is an innovative mental health arts charity run by and for people with disabilities and exists to inspire the well-being and creative participation of a diverse range of people through the production of quality art.

    CoolTan Arts operates a vibrant arts centre with public gallery and a varied programme of creative workshops near Elephant and Castle. They use the power of creativity to support recovery, rehabilitate and de-stigmatise people’s perceptions of themselves and others. They achieve this through quality arts education with professional outcomes such as public exhibitions, fashion shows, festivals. Other activities include monthly Largactyl Shuffle walks every third Saturday of the month, websites and films which help break down the stigma of mental distress. CoolTan Arts adopts social enterprise principles and underpins their work with volunteering opportunities and advocacy, offering meaningful engagement and the opportunity to learn useful skills.

    CoolTan Arts works in partnership with other organisations and service providers, takes commissions, service level agreements and referrals. CoolTan Arts hires and sells high quality pieces of artwork to other organisations, hires their workshops and professional tutors to run multi-disciplinary art workshops and advocacy / self-advocacy sessions.

    For more information, check www.cooltanarts.org.uk, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , call us on 020 7701 2696, or come and visit our Independent Gallery in Unit B, 237 Walworth Road, London SE17 1RL. Registered charity no. 1064231.

  • Carfree Kids

    Carfree Kids Carefree Kids is a children’s charity based in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. Since 2004 we have been providing emotional support to children, teenagers, adults including parents and carers. We use non-directive therapeutic play, art therapy and dramatherapy to help release troubling emotions that may be difficult to communicate verbally or in other ways. For those who have the personal qualities we offer training in our approach to help those in need of emotional support. Our aim is to offer the highest standards in our work and relationships with our schools, children, parents and other adults. The main focus of our service is going into schools in Waltham Forest and also Redbridge and Newham, helping those children who have been identified as needing extra support. Our volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds. We have community volunteers as well as counselling and psychotherapy students on placement.

  • Burrswood

    Burrswood Burrswood is a Christian hospital and place of healing where medical expertise is combined with care for mind, body and spirit.  The hospital is not far from Tunbridge Wells, Kent and is housed in a Grade 1 listed building surrounded by 100 acres of gardens, woodlands and fields.  As a non-surgical hospital, patients receive care from doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, counsellors and chaplains (as required).  As a charity, the bursary fund provides care for patients of limited financial means and over the long term, the aim is to minimise the cost to all patients.  Burrswood has 40 hospital rooms and offers:

    • post operative care for those leaving hospital following surgery

    • respite care – for those who need nursing and/or medical care

    • rehabilitation for those who have suffered a stroke

    • end of life care

    • physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and counselling are available on both an in-patient and out-patient basis. 

    People of any faith or none are warmly welcomed. 

    In addition to the hospital building (built by local architect Decimus Burton in 1832) there is a chapel, hydrotherapy pool and a new hospital wing has been recently added.  Burrswood does not receive any Government funding and relies on income from fees, donations, profits from its trading activities and fundraising.  Alongside the hospital there is a guest house, gift shop, book shop and Bocky’s tea room as well as a charity shop in Crowborough.

    Burrswood, Groombridge, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN3 9TE 01892 863637

  • Blackfriars Settlement

    Blackfriars Settlement Blackfriars Settlement is a charity that has been working for 124 years with local people in the North Southwark and North Lambeth area, particularly those who are disadvantaged, in an inner city area where multiple deprivation sits alongside a booming business and cultural sector. To address needs we work to enable individuals to fulfill their economic and social potential and to overcome the effect of any disadvantage. Blackfriars Settlement is able to provide a wide variety of activities and services to address these needs.   Apart from direct services for older people, for people with mental health illness, for basic skills students, for children and young people of all ages, we seek to provide support through a community development programme, outreach services, a free legal advice clinic and access to affordable space.  The organization has worked with 1,700 individuals in the last year.

  • Bag Books

    Bag Books Rubber chickens, grunting pigs, candy floss and a string of sausages! Just some of the weird and wonderful items that go into making a Bag Book. A far cry from traditional books, Bag Books are multi-sensory stories for people with severe and profound & multiple learning disabilities. Each page comprises an A3 board with a multi-sensory item attached – all designed to engage the senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and motion.

    Bag Books are aimed at those who cannot benefit from mainstream books. They are told interactively through voice and emotion rather than through words and pictures. Profound learning disabilities can put up incredible barriers up for those with learning disabilities and while these barriers may never be fully removed, the stories at least allow them to reach through the barriers to touch the world beyond. Bag Books enrich the lives of those with learning disabilities, opening up a new world of sensory delights and engaging them in the learning journey.

    Bag Books is the only organisation in the UK publishing multi-sensory books and each book is handmade in a workshop by a team of skilled craft artists and volunteers. In addition to producing books, Bag Books tours the UK hosting multi-sensory storytelling sessions and training others in the multi-sensory storytelling technique.

  • Al-Hasaniya Moroccan Women's Centre

    Al-Hasaniya Moroccan Women's Centre Al-Hasaniya Moroccan Women's Centre serves the needs of Moroccan and Arabic-speaking women and their families in London and the UK. Our aim is to provide support in all matters concerning the health, welfare, education and cultural needs of Moroccan and Arabic-speaking women and their families. We seek to encourage and help clients access mainstream services and to promote positive citizenship and greater understanding amongst communities. With over 25 years of experience, Al-Hasaniya Moroccan Women's Centre is here to help.

  • Action for Brazil’s Children

    Action for Brazil’s Children Action for Brazil’s Children Trust (ABC) is dedicated to helping the street children and most vulnerable young people of Brazil. By raising awareness and funding, we support the work of local, community-led organisations who give children the education, support and inspiration they need to transform their lives.

    Every day, children are forced to face the violence, hunger and isolation of life on the streets of Brazil. Recent figures estimate that over 7 million children live a life on the streets in some way. For many, this means occasional school, petty trading, begging and prostitution, only returning to their homes in the evening. Others have no home at all and must face the dangers of sleeping on the streets; they find themselves increasingly excluded from their own communities with no way back.

    Over the last ten years, ABC has focused its funding in three key areas of social projects: the provision of basic needs, supporting educational opportunities, and personal and community development through cultural activities and the arts. We have built up strong partnerships with community-led organisations which provide vital training, education and support for young people, and fire their imaginations and creativity through dance, film, drama and music. Over the past 10 years, ABC has reached over 22,000 and with further support we can continue to reach out.

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