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The Scholarship

To download a full guide to the Scholarship curriculum, selection criteria and process click here

We developed The Marketing Academy Scholarship Programme as an answer to the following questions;

  • How can we identify our brightest & best minds and equip them with the values, beliefs, behaviours and skills to be outstanding?
  • How can our emerging leaders access C Suite leaders from their wisdom and experience?
  • How can the next generation of leaders gain rich insight and knowledge from the diverse thinking in other sectors?
  • How can our high potential talent learn best practice from around the globe and be inspired to create world changing results?

The resulting UK Scholarship programme is delivered over 9 months (from May 2017 to January 2018) and covers the 4 P's; core modules through which we empower our Scholars to be the best they can be.

PROFESSIONAL - Become an exceptional marketer. Skills development in marketing strategy, digital transformation, innovation, leading creativity, behavioural economics, customer insight, future trends

PERSONAL - Become an extraordinary human being. Unleash potential, build confidence, challenge beliefs and change behaviours, improve performance, supercharge communication skills

PEOPLE - Become an inspirational leader. Build high performing teams, inspire phenomenal results, boost leadership skills

PURPOSEBecome a change maker. Understand 'purpose' in every context, pay forward learning into chariy sector, be an ambassador for change

Redesigned for 2017, the Scholarship curriculum is delivered across 4 learning streams;

ONE-TO-ONE MENTORING - Meet face to face with up to 8 high profile experienced and influential CEO's and CMO's

EXECUTIVE COACHING - Regular sessions with a dedicated coach who facilitates personal development

RESIDENTIAL BOOT CAMPS - Three seperate immersive events packed with leadership development, inspirational speakers & master classes

ACADEMY LECTURES - Attend up to five lectures, each hosted by recognised subject matter experts

In addition we encourage all of our Scholars to 'pay forward' their marketing knowledge and experience by donating a day of their personal time to selected small charities.

How to become a Scholar!

The Scholarship Programme is free but highly selective, so first you need to be nominated! We ask senior business leaders working in Marketing, Communications, Media and Advertising to nominate the best of their emerging leaders for a place on the programme. All nominees receive an 'Invitation to Apply' which includes essential information about the Scholarship programme, how to apply and the 3 stage selection process.

Nominations for the 2017 Programme are now open - click here to nominate

Scholarship criteria:

Whether your experience is in a consumer or B2B brand, public or chartity sector, media or creative agency, media owner or platform, entrepreneur or working for companies large or small, all applicants will be assessed equally against strict criteria.


  • Between 5 and 12 years in a marketing or agency role
  • Already in a leadership role or position of influence
  • Highly ambitious to further career in marketing leadership, aspiring to board roles
  • Demonstrates commitment to career with evidence of results and achievements
  • Interests in charitable, social, cultural, creative or sporting endeavours
  • Evidences commitment to broadening horizons, such as world travel and further education
  • High emotional intelligence
  • Naturally driven to succeed
  • Employed full-time (not freelance) in the UK with no known risk of resignation, redundancy or termination

In brief we are looking for individuals who have high emotional intelligence, make a positive impact on others, have an embracing communication style and are naturally driven to succeed.

Exceptions to the rule

We have Scholarships available for individuals who do not have 'classic' marketing backgrounds. Those who have demonstrated exceptional potential as natural marketers or who have shown outstanding entrepreneurial ability or exceptional achievement in the face of adversity will be considered for a Scholarship place.


The Selection Process

Following nomination and via the 'Invitation to Apply' nominees will undergo a rigorous three stage selection process which comprises of:

Stage One: The Application – Submitting a 3 part application including CV, Employees Endorsement and a 2 minute ‘Showcase Me’

Stage Two: The Pitch – Successful applicants will be invited to make a 10 min 'pitch' followed by a 15 min Q&A

Stage three: The Panel – In the final stage all successful applications will be invited to a face to face interview with a selection panel of Marketing and HR Professionals

It’s a tough selection process which identifies the best marketers in the country.

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